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Your employer should not access your health information

You shouldn't be forced to undergo any medical tests by an employer if the job does not require it. Lawyer Anne Babu while speaking to the Star on Monday said "If the test is inherent to the job then that is okay, for example pilots have to undergo tests very often because of the requirement of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, so then that is a statutory requirement and you have to comply.

Mother with cancer says she'd take the disease 'any day' over the pain of losing a child

A mother-of-two who is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer says she'd take the disease "any day" over the pain of losing a child. Elizabeth Hutton, 36, from Ripley, Surrey, who is CEO of the charity Kicks Count, a charity that campaigns to prevent stillbirth, lost her son Toby midway through her pregnancy in May 2010.

Is state doing enough for mental health?

Mental health diagnosis and treatment in Kenya remains a challenge as there lacks government data to aid its assessment. It is one of several taboo topics in Kenya, where there are a lot of myths about the causes of mental illnesses.

No risk of a cholera plague, says CS Mailu

A cholera outbreak is unlikely despite of the ongoing heavy rains, the Health ministry has said. Health Cabinet Secretary Dr Cleopa Mailu says there’s therefore no special budget for an immediate outbreak.

How half of women get out of breath just running to catch a bus

Nearly half of women get short of breath simply running for a bus, a survey has revealed. It found 48 per cent admit they are so unfit they cannot jog short distances without becoming breathless – compared with 42 per cent of men.

Indications that you need to have your tonsils removed

Many Kenyans suffer from tonsillitis, a condition where your tonsils are inflamed or swollen and may sometimes give you difficulties when swallowing. It can be caused either by bacteria or viruses.

Sex? Soon we will all make 'designer' babies in a lab, says expert

For couples who want to have a baby, there has always been one simple, popular method. But it may be time to dispense with the scented candles, smooth jazz and rose petals, as a leading scientist predicts sex for procreation will soon be obsolete.