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why Mps might hold the last card in TB control

When it comes to combating health epidemics and strengthening health systems in a country, the role of our elected leaders should not be underestimated. Think about it, what difference it would make if there was political will behind health initiatives.

Group wants the poor to manage funds

Vulnerable groups should be allowed to decide how they should benefit from health and social protection funds released by the Treasury. Chairman of the Kenya Community Based Health Financing Association (KCBHFA) Lucas Wadenya says those groups should be trained to participate effectively in decision-making processes.

Post abortion care: A newly-wed's experience

A newly-married woman from Mombasa has explained how her joy turned into heartbreak when doctors explained that her weeks-old pregnancy would be terminated. Marion, who did not want her second name mentioned, experienced all the initial signs of pregnancy, including missed periods, cramping and changes on her breasts.

WHO release guidelines to prevent food poisoning

A week after more than 80 members of Strathmore University suffered food poisoning in Nairobi, the World Health Organisation has released guidelines for food safety. The victims admitted to hospital were among 300 others who ate the food during the university’s seniors’ dinner.

Kenya needs Sh20 billion for TB

Kenya requires Sh20 billion to effectively fund tuberculosis programmes in the next four years, National TB and Leprosy Disease Programme (NTLD-P) has said. Head of the programme, Dr Enos Masini, said the country is experiencing a shortage of funds.

Health diary

Kenyans will mark World Autism Day on Thursday this week. The theme is, “Employment: The Autism Advantage”.

Why MPs Should Pass Tobacco Regulations

Joshua Kyallo, Director of Africa for Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids, says a tobacco epidemic is looming. He spoke to John Muchangi Tell us about Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids work in Africa The Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK) is based in Washington DC.

Firms make Sh650,000 for every tobacco death - Report

A cigarette smoker’s life might be worth just Sh650,000.   A new report claims this is the amount the tobacco industry makes for each person who dies from smoking-related diseases.

The Lottery of Birth in Kenya

The world's most disadvantaged children, including some in Kenya, are being left behind in global race to improve child survival.   Despite historic global progress in reducing under-five child mortality rates over the past 15 years, new research conducted by Save the Children has found that large groups of children are still being left behind, simply because of where they live and the circumstances in which they are born.

Foundation May Spread Training of Lung Doctors To Kenya

Kenyan medics might soon benefit from a training programme to become qualified pulmonary specialists. The East African Training Initiative is currently run in Ethiopia by US-based World Lung Foundation (WLF) in partnership with Addis Ababa University and Tikur Anbessa (Black Lion) Hospital.

Billionaires start Sh364 million global fund to defend nations like Kenya against tobacco lawsuits

Kenya can now access a Sh364 million ($4m) fund to defend itself against lawsuits from tobacco companies. The fund was announced on Wednesday by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bill Gates at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) in Abu Dhabi.

WHO calls tobacco firms 'cockroaches' after failed MPs retreat

World Health Organisation (WHO) has ridiculed plans by cigarette manufacturers in Kenya to fly some local politicians to a beach resort for a “sensitisation retreat”. The cigarette makers are fighting stiff anti-smoking regulations that the ministry of health has proposed.

Meet traditional skull surgeons of Marakwet

Skull surgery is one of the most risky and complicated operations. However, some unschooled Marakwet traditional healers are doing it with ease.

UN maternal health report praises Kenya

Kenya is among countries recognised for innovations that have helped reduce maternal and child mortality. Safaricom’s Jamii Smart clinical alerts and the HELP SMS Platform have been praised for relaying timely information to expectant mothers and community health workers, potentially averting deaths and complications.

Rising cases of lung cancer should serve as a warning

I remember one time my grandmother paid us a visit in the city, she made a remark "how the world has changed. " She was referring to a group of ladies who as they chatted, standing outside the restaurant, would pause every now and then to take a puff from the cigarette clutched between their meticulously manicured nails.

Vaccine stops most cases of killer pneumonia-study

 Cases of pneumonia among children in Kilifi have reduced sharply after the introduction of a vaccine in 2011, latest results show.  The pneumococcal vaccine was introduced in Kenya in 2011 mostly to prevent pneumonia and meningitis.


Kenyatta National Hospital tomorrow opens its doors to children with kidney problems. Children will get free kidney screening while parents will be advised on the children's health.

Healthy villagers put on drugs to stop trachoma

Thousands of people in the Rift Valley will be put on drugs to prevent trachoma, a dangerous bacterial infection of the eye that can cause complications including blindness. Some 218,000 people will receive antibiotics to prevent the spread of the disease while those infected will be treated, medics involved in the programme said.

You're killing people, tobacco firms told

THE World Health Organisation has put cigarette makers on the spot for flouting anti-tobacco laws like the ban on advertising. Last week, health officials from Africa met in Nairobi to mark 10 years of the WHO’s framework convention on tobacco control (FCTC).

The week

Kemri launches Sh1bn microbiology facility A medical culture media manufacturing facility has been launched at the Kenya Medical Research Institute. This makes Kenya the third country in Africa with the facility.

Health diary

THE World Wildlife Day will be marked tomorrow. This is an opportunity to celebrate the many beautiful and varied forms of wild fauna and flora and to raise awareness of the multitude of benefits that conservation provides to people.

Why pneumonia still kills thousands of children

If you were asked what were the leading infectious disease killers of children under the age of five, what would your answer be? Unless you are a health professional or keep abreast with health information regarding that particular demographic, I am almost certain that in the top three diseases that came across your mind, pneumonia wasn't one of them. And if I was to warrant a guess, your first response was probably tuberculosis.

Nairobi Hospital buys latest heart-lung machine

The Nairobi Hospital has commissioned a new Heart-Lung Machine, known as the Cardiopulmonary Bypass Machine (CBM). The hospital is the first in Kenya to acquire the Sh30 million German equipment, which is the latest in its series, the S5.


Two insurers unveil retirement health cover AON Kenya Insurance Brokers and UAP Insurance Company have unveiled a new product that allows someone to save towards funding health costs after retirement. The product dubbed 'Afya Akiba' will allow someone save as low as Sh1,000, which can be remitted monthly, quarterly, or annually with members' contributions also divided into savings and life assurance portions.


The World Zero Discrimination Day will be marked next week on Monday. The day is a chance to celebrate diversity and to reject discrimination.

Disabled matungu family inspires village groups

A SLIP in 2004 was all it took to change Rose Chibwire’s life. She lost her right leg and has been on crutches since.

‘All In’ global HIV campaign begins tomorrow

Kenya will tomorrow launch a new campaign to fight rising HIV infections and deaths among adolescents. The National Aids Control Council says adolescents (10-19 years old) have been left behind in the Aids response and have been over-looked in global, national and local programmes and budgets.

The week

Embu schools get water tanks for better hygiene Embu County Government has rolled out an ambitious “Water for Life” project to install 12,000 litre water tanks in each public school in the county. More than 1,200 tanks will be distributed.

Health diary

The National Aids Control Council is coordinating the global launch of the ALL IN Campaign to accelerate HIV awareness and control among adolescents. Aids is the leading cause of death among adolescents in Africa.

More volunteers benefit from mothers app

Following the successful piloting of a Whatsapp-like platform for community health volunteers and expectant mothers in Kibera, the second phase has now been launched. The second phase, launched last week in Nairobi,brings together a larger number of health workers.

'Slight' fall leaves man bedridden three years

A fall on a slippery road at night has cost an internally displaced family (IDP) family dearly. Peter Muiruri was walking home from causal work when he slide and fell.

Botswana's successful anti-smoking drive comes to Kenya

How can we prevent young people from starting to smoke? It’s a question to which, as the direct link between smoking, cancer and ill-heath becomes ever clearer, countries around the world are desperately trying to find the answers. That’s certainly the case in Africa.

Charity fights inflated vaccine prices

An international charity has demanded that two drug manufacturers reduce prices of their vaccines. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), which has regional offices in Nairobi, says today vaccine prices are at least 68 times more expensive than they were in 2001.


Ebola has killed gorillas and chimps, experts claim Ebola is currently the single greatest threat to the survival of gorillas and chimpanzees, having killed off a third of their populations since the 1990s, scientists claim. The virus is even more deadly to great apes that it is for humans, with mortality rates as high as 95 per cent for gorillas and 77 per cent for chimpanzees.


Hosted by the German government in Berlin, the Gavi Vaccine Alliance will tomorrow hold a meeting to mobilise funds for global immunisation programmes for 2016- 2020. Gavi supports more than 50 per cents of children's vaccines in Kenya.


Charity opens Ebola clinic for pregnant women Medical charity Medicins Sans Frontiers (MSF) has opened the first care centre for pregnant women, whose survival rate from the virus is virtually zero. There is currently one patient in the clinic, which is perched on a hill in the compound of a disused Methodist boys high school in the Sierra Leone capital.

Fact Box

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells. It can affect almost any part of the body.

Health Summary

Ebola toll rises to more than 6,800 More than 6,800 people have now died from the Ebola virus, almost all of them in west Africa, the World Health Organisation said. The UN health agency reported that as of December 13, there had been 18,464 cases of infection from the deadly virus in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, and 6,841 people had died.


The National Authority for the Campaign against Drugs and Alcohol Abuse has advised Kenyans not to drink and drive during this festive season, which begins this week. Chairman John Mututho advises Kenyans having parties at home to get a permits from either police officers or the chief.

Maternity centre in Kilifi delivers only one mother

Only one expectant mother at a time can deliver at an independence-era maternity centre in Kilifi County. The Kakoneni maternal health facility in Kakoneni area, Malindi sub County, was built during independence but has never been upgraded.