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Letter From Berlin Day 1: The difficulties of writing about climate change

Most of the things which scare Kenyans usually end up on the front page of every mainstream newspaper. Whether it be yet another attack by the Somalia-based al-Shabaab terrorist militia; or an outbreak of cholera in the capital city Nairobi; or (late last year) the prospects of an Ebola outbreak, as Kenyans based in the affected West African countries fled the dreaded epidemic and returned home.

Letter From Berlin Day 2 - Every African conspiracy theorists dream come true

     Poor people are, by definition, conspiracy theorists. They generally need some kind of world view which attributes their misfortunes to powerful and malign forces in remote places.

Letter from Berlin day 3 - The Frog in the bucket of hot water

Most readers will probably know that the earth is steadily getting warmer in small incremental degrees, ie,  global warming. They may also know that this warming leads over time to climate change, which is likely to bring all kinds of environmental devastation to the planet.

Letter From Berlin Day 4 - Coming soon to a small village very far from you: Really cheap electricity

About eight years ago, I wrote an article about the marvels of the telecommunications revolution in Africa brought about by the mobile phone. And within this analysis, I explained what I thought was the one drawback of this wonderful news.

Attacks have left kenya in a mental health crisis

Sometimes statistics to do with health issues can easily overwhelm us. All chronic diseases seem to be on the increase, demanding urgent intervention.

Cancer Survivors Journey To Promote Early Testing

 Most forms of cancer can be cured if detected early. But for many Kenyans, the disease is always diagnosed in the final stages when it is too late for doctors to save the patient.

Born to be a mortician: why I chose a despised career

If he was to choose his career again, Subisiso Chebii (Siso) would still go for the same job. He works at the Chiromo funeral parlour as one of the funeral directors.

Medic seeks nod for first head transplant

An Italian doctor has vowed to confound his medical doubters by proving that he can conduct the world’s first head transplant - in less than an hour, and as early as next year. Surgeon Sergio Canavero, confirmed that he hopes to operate on his first patient, a Russian with a rare genetic muscle wasting disease, and said he will carry out the procedure in China if he is banned from doing so in the EU or former Soviet Union.

Aga Khan starts new pain relief for cancer patients

Cancer patients at the Aga Khan University Hospital will now undergo new procedures to relieve chronic pain where all other methods and drugs have failed. The hospital said the procedure, called neuromodulation, is performed on patients who have been suffering from persistent pain for at least two months with the underlying cause not having been found.

Top health body to expand guidelines on abortion

A new study showing that low-cadre birth attendants can effectively diagnose and treat incomplete abortion in developing countries is expected to form the basis of new international recommendations for the treatment of incomplete abortion. The study, published in the medical journal Lancet last month, is expected to have impact on Kenya, where birth attendants like nurses were in 2003 banned from attending trainings on abortion care.

why Mps might hold the last card in TB control

When it comes to combating health epidemics and strengthening health systems in a country, the role of our elected leaders should not be underestimated. Think about it, what difference it would make if there was political will behind health initiatives.

Group wants the poor to manage funds

Vulnerable groups should be allowed to decide how they should benefit from health and social protection funds released by the Treasury. Chairman of the Kenya Community Based Health Financing Association (KCBHFA) Lucas Wadenya says those groups should be trained to participate effectively in decision-making processes.

Post abortion care: A newly-wed's experience

A newly-married woman from Mombasa has explained how her joy turned into heartbreak when doctors explained that her weeks-old pregnancy would be terminated. Marion, who did not want her second name mentioned, experienced all the initial signs of pregnancy, including missed periods, cramping and changes on her breasts.

WHO release guidelines to prevent food poisoning

A week after more than 80 members of Strathmore University suffered food poisoning in Nairobi, the World Health Organisation has released guidelines for food safety. The victims admitted to hospital were among 300 others who ate the food during the university’s seniors’ dinner.

Kenya needs Sh20 billion for TB

Kenya requires Sh20 billion to effectively fund tuberculosis programmes in the next four years, National TB and Leprosy Disease Programme (NTLD-P) has said. Head of the programme, Dr Enos Masini, said the country is experiencing a shortage of funds.