Thursday, Jul 30th 2015

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Are you afraid you may have hit early menopause?

The menopause, sometimes referred to as the "change of life", is the end of menstruation. This is when a woman's ovaries stop producing an egg every four weeks.

A teacher's long, desperate wait for final surgery

For Kenyans out of Nairobi, surgery can easily change life for good or worse. One primary school teacher in Embu feared she had cancer, but a growth on her body was found to be benign.

Fresh details of Mugo's cancer testimony that moved First Ladies to tears

She has shared her experience many times, but last week former Health minister Beth Mugo moved African first ladies to tears when she – for the first time – revealed how she desperately struggled to hide from the media the shocking news of her cancer diagnosis. Mugo, currently a nominated senator, also hid from public for months as she painfully absorbed the impact of the 2011 diagnosis.

Women to benefit from Sh1 trillion fund

Kenyan women will benefit from Sh1. 2 trillion fund that has been committed towards maternal, child and adolescent health.

Four habits that expose you to NCDs like cancer

AS First Lady Margaret Kenyatta hosts other African First Ladies and health ministers in Nairobi today for a cancer conference, it’s time to reflect how nutrition and changing lifestyle contribute to the current burden of non-communicable diseases. In Kenya, between 2000 and 2012, deaths from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) rose by 44 per cent while the rate was 26 per cent in the rest of East Africa.

Traditional 'surgeon' who treated Kenyatta marks 60 years of service

As I drive to Nduuri Village in Runyenjes constituency, I take a winding murram road, that seems impassable during the rainy season. At the foot of the imposing Kirimiri Hill forest is the residence of the man who famously cut the Uvula of the first president of Kenya, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Let's have 'Nyumba Kumi' for recovering addicts - experts

Addiction expert Dr Kumantha says addicts must be counseled properly   Have we always had beer problem in Kenya, really?    I wouldn’t say drinking of alcohol has become a problem now. It has been there  since time immemorial, even during the time of Jesus.