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Eating after 8pm can add two inches to your waistline

Regularly eating after 8pm leads us to pile on the pounds, research suggests. Men and women who often dine late in the evening typically have waistlines two inches bigger than those who eat earlier, a study found.

VMMC: The need for local buy in and own funding

 I once heard a speaker at a conference discuss a project involving the Turkana tribe of Northern Kenya and the Norwegian government’s agency for international aid. The Turkana lived in a mostly semi-arid part of the country and kept very large herds of cattle.

Male cut: the incomplete success story

I wish I could remember where I read this, but a thought came into my mind over and over again as I researched two stories on voluntary medical male circumcision in the lake-side region of Kenya, near Lake Victoria: Science does not progress in a neat straight line.  I kept thinking this because nothing was clearer than that with each step forward a different challenge has presented itself.

Pregnant women who eat fruits give birth to bright babies - Study

Pregnant women who eat more fruit during pregnancy have more intelligent children, research has found. One-year-old toddlers whose mothers tucked into plenty of fruit ranging from bananas to berries scored highest marks in tests of their thinking skills.

University student, 29, builds Ruai’s largest medical facility

Some colours like restful green and calming blue are said to improve efficiency and also lend a sense of well-being. Meanwhile, yellow is viewed as the shade of optimism.

Misuse of emergency contraceptive - medics view

53 per cent believe it will conduct free and fair polls, while 43 per cent feel otherwise   Kenyans are divided on whether the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission can hold a free and fair election next year. An opinion poll by the Star shows that 53 per cent of the 1,000 respondents polled believe the IEBC can conduct free and fair elections while 43 per cent think otherwise.

Cheaper treatment for drug-resistant TB

The World Health Organisation has recommended a new drug regime that shortens the treatment for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis from two years to nine months, raising hopes for hundreds of Kenyans struggling with the disease. At least 500 Kenyans with the MDR-TB are currently on the tedious 18–24-month treatment regime, which costs Sh2 million per person.