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Global HIV infection rates among sex workers, injecting drug users on the rise

HIV infection rates among 'key populations' globally are more than five times higher compared to that of the general population – a new report shows. Key populations are groups that experience both increased impact from one of the diseases and decreased access to services.

Why polio is proving so difficult to beat

Pakistan, one of three countries with endemic polio, began an immunisation campaign this week in the city of Quetta for children under five after the discovery of a rare strain of the virus in sewage samples, officials said. No cases of the rare Type 2 strain have been reported in humans in Quetta but it has been added to the vaccine as a precaution.

Autism in children linked to lack of vitamin D in expectant women

Expectant women who lack vitamin D while pregnant are more likely to have autistic children. A study conducted by researchers at Queensland Brain Institute, shows that there is a link between vitamin D deficiencies in expectant women.

India doctor to operate on world's heaviest '500kg' Egyptian woman

An Egyptian woman, believed to be the world's heaviest at 500kg (1,102lb), will soon be flown to India for weight reduction surgery. Eman Ahmed, 36, will be flown on a chartered plane to Mumbai where bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala plans to operate.

Infertility breakthrough as cancer drug sparks growth of new eggs in 'astonishing' discovery

Infertile women have been offered new hope after scientists found that a common cancer drug triggers the development of new eggs, an outcome which was previously thought to be impossible. In a discovery hailed as "astonishing", researchers at the University of Edinburgh proved it is possible to reverse the clock and coax the ovaries back into a pre-pubescent state where they begin to produce new eggs.

Why bad diet could have led to poor KCPE results

Parents of pupils who scored low KCPE grades may not need to demand answers from the teachers. Studies show stunting, caused by poor diet in infants, is rampant in many parts of the country and leads to poor intellectual development.

[VIDEO] Stay Strong! Doreen Moraa's story as person living with HIV/Aids

Today, the world celebrates World Aids Day. This is the day that everyone takes time to learn more about HIV/Aids and what comes with it.